又名:Quatre nuits d'un rêveur
导演: 罗伯特·布列松
主演: IsabelleWeingarten,GuillaumedesForêts,MauriceMonnoyer
上映日期: 2016-07-08 评分: 8.0 分 类型: 剧情,爱情
简介:I saw this film twice with Japanese subtitles. Tonight I saw a print (and very different version) with English subtitles.   In this film, Bresson makes everyday life beautiful.... the lights on the river, the Brazilian music coming from a beautifully lighted tour boat going under the bridge the lovers are on... The story is small... An aimless artist prevents a woman from suicide and listens to her story and tries to help her reunite with her lover. This story seems to be seen through a dark filter of the beauty of Paris and its people.   A scene where the heroine is making love in the next room while her mother is walking back and forth calling her name, not realizing that her daughter is right next door... Her voice gets louder and softer and louder... 法国,布列松,RobertBresson,Robert_Bresson,罗伯特·布列松,法国电影,1970s,1971


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